Friday, November 12, 2010


Receiving a caRe package filled with assorted scrapbook items aNd charms fRoM a special faMily, I found myself reMeMberiNg these words 'Entertaining Angels Unaware.'
SoMe of the pieces were personal items of a dear fRieNd by the naMe of Jenny. A woman that I could connect with in fiNdiNg guidance aNd comfort in my life's jourNey. Passing away a week after my Dad did. Jenny impacted me in a way that I never iMagiNed, that would be with me tell this day.
I was filled with such gratitude aNd appreciation that Jenny's faMily would take the tiMe in seNdiNg me tHiNgs that she had collected throughout her years on this earth.
The tears began to fall as I looked through personal jewelry pieces aNd cHaRms of hers aNd instantly had the feeling of peace coMe over me.
I could hear the words 'Entertaining Angels Unaware' siNg out in my miNd aNd heart again aNd knew what I was do to with the keepsakes she had left behind.
In my latest aRt WoRk 'Pure In Heart' I felt compelled to add pieces of Jenny's life into the cReAtioN. I would like to tHiNk she resides as an Angel now aNd left me with a geNtle aNd loving reMiNder of what I could do with the taleNts that God has given to me. Feeling huMbled aNd iNspiRed that not only can I serve of my talents here on earth but to those who have passed on aNd aRe watching fRoM above.

If dReaMiNg consists of learning, growing aNd iNspiRiNg, tHeN it is my love that I continue to live my life to reMiNd others to not forget about those who have passed aNd aRe walking on this jourNey with me in spirit.

In reMeMbRaNce of Jenny aNd gratitude towards her faMily
~kAtiE fRoM