Monday, November 22, 2010

Poetic GaRdeNs jourNal

I decided to pick up my wRitiNg again aNd jourNal about my life with
Poetic GaRdeN. I doN't waNt to over articulate of why I see life in 3D but rather express what I have learned aNd am learning as I venture out on the open sea.
Not sure in which order it caMe but as I begin to grow so did my dReAms.
I weNt through a period of believing in God to a tiMe wHeN I didn't, cHalleNgiNg the laws of nature. To growing into my self esteem. LoNgiNg for more peace aNd a better direction in my life.
What I am discovering is that by the choices I make, I can continue to be in the drivers seat aNd know where I am goiNg or be a passenger in the back seat merely aloNg for the ride.
So here I am at aNotHeR fork in the road aNd have made the choice to be the driver to my destination aNd have God as my passenger in the fRoNt seat.
I take with me a few basics, a bottle of 'what i've learned' aloNg with a life preserver of faith, that if I continue to believe in myself tHeN the path I choose to go on will lead me to my dReAms.