Saturday, November 15, 2014

End tHe War!

End the War on WoMeN particularly fRoM tHe Republican Party aNd 
perverted man made 'Organized Religion' aNd Community Organized Crime aNd Bulling...

I will never foRget tHe Land Lords Son this past year. A young 22yr old wHo just got off his mission, haViNg tHe nerve to actually blaMe ME for tHe entire FALL of their corrupt Mormon LDS Church aNd tHe States Organized Crime on my Legal Disability Will.  Just goes to show YOU that tHe attack aNd perverted war on WoMeN is ALIVE aNd breading... YOU just caN't fix stupid!
WeNt almost 42yrs without disability aNd now they waNt to 'obstruct justice' fRoM a promised pharmacy.  Watch tHe Republican Party rise as a fraud 'White Horse' tHey aRe ALL running!