Sunday, November 30, 2014

Olive Branch

it's like nails going down a chalk board, wHeN I hear "WE aRe to BE Christ like aNd lift people up" it wasn't Christ like wHeN YOU purposely crush aNd violate a MotHeR aNd WoMaNs Legal Disability Will to tHe FatHer.  It's not Christ like to blaMe a MotHeR who brought an Olive Branch message of good for REAL Healthcare Reform aNd corrupt tHe msg by inflicting harm aNd Political, Medical aNd Religious torture, killing aNd rape oNly to scramble to cover up the cRiMes YOU committed on her.  It's not Christ like to loot or bribe or medically mamme or take 10% fRoM a non member of tHe LDS Church that inflicted tHe abuse on her aNd make promises aNd deceive aNd obstruct justice on Inherited Land or obstruct HuMaN Civil Disability Rights including that of a REAL pharmacy.  It's not Christ like to attempt to defile a WoMaNs aRk aNd TeMple aNd tHeN degrade her for beiNg on the fRoNt liNes to protect, defend aNd preserve tHe very system that threw her out like garbage aNd tHeN gather her up aNd use her knowledge for mans corrupt gain aNd greed.  
Christ didn't lay down aNd just take it, HE had tHiNgs to say aNd HE fought back for a purpose aNd cause, HE even flogged tHe baNkers aNd broke tHe law for purpose aNd so did I but not before tHe perverted law broke their ways on ME loNg before aNd I doN't regret it for oNe bit because my life matters aloNg with so maNy otHeRs wHo's lives haVe been crushed by tHe very perverted system that inflicted tHe harm aNd disabilities in the fiRst place...

doN't ever lie to a bRaVe Warrior MotHeR who walks with a living WILL of tHe FatHeR aNd tHe biggest army in tHe galaxy, YOU will loose every time

bRaVe Warrior aNd MotHeR fRoM tHe House of Abraham 
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