Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lead to Believe

Lead to Believe I would have rights, BE protected, have a pharmacy
 instead was given propaganda, lies, severe medical torture for 42yrs, neglect, violation of a Legal Will, endless abandonment into a corrupt system, not oNce but twice. Perpetual political aNd religious abuse, rape aNd murder... there is NO promise land! 
~ ~ ~
Fay Norton Hughes Smith Jorgenson... doN't have a baby aNd commit organized cRiMe, if YOU caN't humanly provide a medicine/pharmacy REAL clean aNd affordable healthy food that is NoN~ GMO!!! Fix your mess aNd lies, MotHeR, fRoM your daughter of GOD tHe FatHeR, that YOU haneously abused, neglected, raped, crushed aNd orphaned to the bRoKeN aNd perverted system, that YOU cReAted aNd Built befoRe ME aNd "WE THE PEOPLE" 
REPUBLICAN FAY is Child Abuser Killer, orphaned aNd ran fRoM accountability aNd threw ME away like garbage. If YOU aRe goiNg to purge ME so YOU caN foRget aNd get out of your responsibilities, at least RESPECT AND OBEY MY LEGAL DISABILITY WILL aNd put ME to sleep in a humane way so I can go BE with the oNes that truly LOVE ME aNd care about Heaven on Earth Rights... STOP IDOLING WITH MY ARK AND TEMPLE... LDS CHURCH YOU ARE JOINED TO THE HIP WITH THIS MURDEROUS WAR CRIME AND THE ULTIMATE BETRAYING TO YOUR VETS AND TO A

"WE live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals aNd banks destroy the economy" ~Chris Hedges