Friday, November 14, 2014


it's ALIVE aNd REAL!

bRiNgiNg Awareness of Political, Medical aNd Religious Torture
Extreme Interrogation aNd mamming to cover up 'in house' Religious,
Medical aNd Political cRiMes. tHe liNk below exposes more aNd more of what corrupt BIG government does aNd it's not just tHe CIA that inflicts this deadly harm. 
'MAME' Mothers Against Medical Error, bRiNgs to life tHe deadly Medical abuse aNd un accountability that happens everyday in the bRoKeN aNd corrupt
medical healthcare system. And if this isn't enough, lets not foRget the Religious aNd Spiritual mamming aNd torture that shadows behind this deadly growing disease of corruption...

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'The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse ~ Recognizing & Escaping Spiritual Manipulation aNd False Spiritual Authority within the Church  ~by David Johnson aNd Jeff Van Vonderen

Inside 'The Order' Mormons Cult Secret Empire aNd Organized Crime
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Organized Crime of Medical Mamming aNd Torture
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 CIA doctors did torture research on detainees, group claims