Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Predator in tHe GaRdeN

Predator in tHe GaRdeN
it's hitting ME so hard today, up ALL night screaming aNd getting it ALL out, it felt so good to release the tears aNd pain. I was tortured aNd slaughtered aNd was deceptively lead on in the most disgusting vile way. It hurts so bad, tHe very image that the LDS Church advertises for a Jesus, is a sick predator in my Legal Will. I had the courage to walk away fRoM a fake fraud drunk man whore Jesus who admitted cheating on ME aNd my Legal Will. A divorce on ALL levels that I caN't even put iNto woRds. I didn't even know I was chained deceitfully to his evil ways through the perverted fraud aNd murderous LDS Mormon Church ran perverted system. They aRe invested in making continued war rather than restore peace on those they have harmed. This mans image had the nerve to tell ME that my 'Keys' were backwards as HE had his way with ME aNd told ME I was his Beloved aNd Hero aNd introduced ME as his WoMaN, to his fRieNds aNd faMily aNd tHe legal system, ALL while the Orem Police aNd drones, aNd the sick LDS Church was in on it in '2012. My saved txt msgs for tHe Provo Police shows him aNd lilith threatening to kill ME because they got caught. This entire past year the perverted system including the Land Lord wouldN't STOP abusing aNd violating ME aNd they started so much Drama, just to cReAte more harm, 
Wasatch Mental Health is in on it too. Major Haters!!!  I will not BE a slave or a servant to their perverted system aNd ways. The perverted system did not do their research, they covered up their sick ways aNd lies aNd have doNe major heinous things. I AM in pure shock aNd sickened that none of my violators including Bishops aNd President Monson aRe not behind bars.  As of yesterday, tHe LaNd LoRd was running again, but that's ok, I AM with the HOA here 
aNd had no problem going over his head for my Public Housing Rights.
In each city the perverted cops aNd dirty system aNd church had their way with ME aNd they still woN't leave ME aloNe aNd not oNce as they dragged ME through tHe state violating ME over aNd over again, did they truly help...  they aNd HE woN't leave ME aloNe, they aRe ALL running in circles. It makes ME so ill that they aRe showing this beast to world aNd on their website, 

HE truly NEEDS to BE locked up for eternity aNd even that wouldn't BE enough! 
they can re work the perverted system over aNd over to cover up, but there will never BE a temple for the 'son of perdition' to sit in aNd proclaim.

 Living Witness aNd Activist ~POETICGARDEN