Sunday, November 16, 2014

TRUE Healthcare

soMetiMes it's really haRd re educating stupid wHeN it coMes to TRUE healthcare. I haVe noticed tHat they haVe it ALL backwards, YOU SEE... they seem to foRget tHat tHe Immune System is ran by tHe Nervous System, not tHe otHeR way around. Our Nervous System controls tHe bodies organs. YES it's good to master our individual guts to improve miNd body aNd spiRit... that's SELF LOVE, however if the Nervous System has been daMaged or weakened, no matter how hard YOU try, your Connective Tissue aNd Central Nervous System will always BE attacking itself. Our Nervous System can BE deprived aNd daMaged by whole host of tHiNgs, even by tHe toxins WE aRe exposed to like man made drugs, the air WE bReatH or tHe Fluoride in our water, that can induce permanent daMage aNd kill.  For ME my Nervous System daMage was inflicted by layers of abuse. If I go off my medicine of Cannabis, my Nervous System begins to deplete, wasting the muscle stReNgtH aloNg with it. I loose senses aNd tHe will to eat even right doWn to waNtiNg to laugh or eNjoy life or siNg, not because I doN't waNt to, Believe ME I DO. Our Nervous System is what keeps us ALIVE aNd even helps regulate my core temperature. To most it looks like notHiNg fRoM tHe outside, "She doesn't look sick, sHe's not in pain"  Your Nervous System runs everything, it's not like I turn my body inside out aNd show YOU my bRaiN aNd spinal cord daMage... wHeN your body shuts down, it "F" hurts because YOU essentially aRe laying tHeRe with your eyes wide open feeling your body shut doWn, motor skills aNd tHe ability to move well, weakening tHe organs, bRaiNsteM, spiNal cord sheath daMage, aNd it's eVery day, tHat the body goes threw tHis motioN, like haViNg a Nervous Break down everyday with NO relief. To prevent people fRoM tHe ability to choose their Life Sustaining medicine or obstruct justice for Life Saving medicine that cures aNd treats aNd manages everything on PlaNet X aNd PlaNet EARTH, is so completely immoral. Let's not go aNotHeR round on tHe Drug War wHeN people aRe fighting to stay ALIVE aNd aRe truly defending aNd protecting what was promised to us in the fiRst place... 

"there's nothing like coMiNg HOME fRoM War aNd being denied 
Human Civil Disability Rights aNd a Pharmacy"

fRoM a Smart Warrior MotHeR aNd Daughter of her Father in Heaven wHo truly
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