Friday, November 28, 2014


I knew tHe LDS Church aNd perverted Government were lying wHeN their lips were moving. Knowing that they had been caught red handed aNd HE had cheated aNd didn't care of the death or torture of a Mother aNd WoMaN, let alone her Legal Will to tHe FatHer. This was after the lying thieving perverted system medically aNd religiously tortured ME oNce again, called ME delusional after they committed violent religious acts, ALL while they protected tHe man over tHe WoMaN aNd MotHeR that died aNd paid for their admitted Sins. Son of Perdition is who they worship aNd the very MotHer I AM to honor in a perverted man made Bible, is tHe oNe WoMaN that lied to tHe FatHeR at tHe cross aNd to her own perverted Church aNd Government, who inflicted deadly disabilities aNd completely abandon her child fRoM book end to book end. Who 'obstructed justice' aNd rights aNd a promised pharmacy, oNly to cover up their perverted cRiMes aNd to have the key thrown away aNd NO REAL 'Promised Land' of Liberty aNd Justice. An abusive MotHeR so vile aNd absent fRoM her daughters Book of Life for a reason... a MotHeR who allowed her disabled daughter to suffer aNd BE tortured on a lie built by her sin aNd that of tHe perverted LDS Church aNd tHe Fallen Son aNd Government... The KiNg who admitted to cheating in tHe GaRdeN aNd ran, tHe King who gaVe ME NO reason to stay aNd gave ME ALL the reasons aNd excuses to never ever Believe again.  I AM MY TRUTH! 
a set apart WoMaN aNd Queen fRoM the 'HOUSE OF ABRAHAM' 

I will not honor tHe 1%, I will BE tHe 99% that takes YOU down
Bounty HuNter, Artist Activist aNd MotHeR Queen of Human Civil Disability Rights

'She's Really That Bad' fRoM tHe movie Domino